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There has been a common thread running through the pictures snapped on my phone these last couple of weeks: grass, our deck, the outdoors. We’ve been experiencing some gorgeous weather here and spending as much time outside as possible. Laundry, dinner, playtime; it’s all been taking place in our backyard.

I hope you’ve been enjoying the discussion on bilingual parenting on the blog this week. Check back next week for more “parent profiles,” more discussions on raising multilingual children, a post on how we find and buy our bikes (such as T’s gorgeous yellow fixie pictured above), and some thoughts on finally getting back to running after having a baby.

Also, that would be C. seeing her first horse (third down on the right).

For now, I wish you all a wonderful weekend. ♥

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  1. cb says:

    i hear it is super nice over there! we are getting lots of rain but it all for the better! enjoy it sweetie! love seeing your sweet little family!

  2. Dottie says:

    Beautiful! Looks like you are busy enjoying the simple pleasures of life.

    I’ve been fascinated by the bilingual parenting posts, even though I’m not yet a parent and not bilingual (I can’t really count my very rusty Russian). I would definitely want to give my child the amazing gift of a second language; it’s so hard to learn languages the typical American way, in high school and college.

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