The Long Way There

If you’ve been following my adventures here, or on academichic, then you know that I am participating in the Lets Go Ride a Bike Summer Games. The Summer Games were designed by co-authors of Let’s Go Ride a Bike, Trisha and Dottie, to encourage fellow blogging and non-blogging cyclists (and non-cyclists, for that matter) to get on a bike and expand their cycling horizons this summer. The Games were divided into three rounds, each round focusing on a different aspect of cycling and culminating into a prize raffle. The final prize for those who participated in all three rounds is a Batavus BUB – a beautiful utility bike that I just can’t resist.

Part III of the Games encouraged participants to explore new territory. Having already done the ‘have a bike picnic‘ suggestion, I set forth to complete the ‘take the long way home’ task. But as I left on my ride to campus yesterday, it occurred to me that taking the long way there might be a whole lot better. I’m more of a morning person anyway and I love nothing better than being out and about when the city is just waking up, shops are just starting to open their doors to their first customers, and everything is still relatively quiet and serene. (In Germany, this time of day is particularly wonderful because that’s when all the bakeries throw open their doors and the aroma of fresh baked breads and goodies wafts out onto the streets – one of my absolute favorite things about life in that part of the world).

An additional advantage of taking the long way to campus was benefiting from the still somewhat cooler morning temperatures. With highs during the day vacillating between the high 80s to the mid 90s, my morning ride is always my most pleasant one.

I’m still new to this university town where I will be starting my first ‘grown-up’ job as a lecturer this fall, so taking the long way anywhere on bike is wonderful for acquainting myself with my new surroundings. And it was so enjoyable to do so while there were less cars and people on the road and all seemed quiet and sleepy. Even the swans hadn’t gotten up for their daily road crossings yet, still slumbering away on the side of their pond, clearly still in need of that first cup of coffee. But I didn’t share mine. That stayed firmly hooked to my handlebars as I meandered on to the library stacks awaiting my arrival. S.

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2 Responses to The Long Way There

  1. Maureen says:

    Good for you getting both challenges in already!
    Those swans do look tired!

  2. Karen says:

    Very cute dress! The coffee cup holder looks very convenient.

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