celebrating a milestone: T. turned in his dissertation!

Beer and Bike Celebrating!

As the title of this post already gives away, we had a huge milestone in our academic careers to celebrate last night. My husband turned in his dissertation. It has been many years of hard work in the making and I couldn’t be more proud of him or excited for him. He has his defense scheduled for two weeks from now and then he’ll be on his way to receiving his PhD. So proud! xoxo

We met up with good friends and toasted T’s accomplishment with beers over pizza. Very grad student appropriate, right? Babies, beers, pizza, good friends, and live music made for a pretty good evening. And let me also just give a shout-out to my friend B., who was out with us last night and who is an amazing example of a mama, PhD. Not only is she getting ready to turn in her dissertation in the next couple of weeks (while taking care of a 3 months old), but she also went on the job market right after giving birth and has already snagged a job for the next academic year! Go B! Super mama indeed and such an inspiration!

This morning we’re just basking in the celebratory air of yesterday’s accomplishment, taking it easy, and looking forward to a hot day that will allow us to take the dog and the baby to the lake and spend as much time outdoors as possible. Hope you’re off to a good weekend and see you Monday!

Family 2 little E.

Mama's eye view pizza

baby C. Baby C.

Family B & E

baby and papa Baby hands

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8 Responses to celebrating a milestone: T. turned in his dissertation!

  1. becky. says:

    congratulations T! best of luck for the defence.

  2. Rita says:

    Congrats! Hearing about people who hand in gives me strength to continue! Good luck for the defence! Wow! Two weeks!! That’s great! In the UK you’re lucky if you have the Viva two months after :/

  3. Stephanie says:

    Congrats!! What a huge accomplishment!

  4. Raena says:

    Working in academia myself I certainly understand what a wonderful accomplishment this is. Congratulations! Also, beautiful families! You all are blessed in more ways than one! :)

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  6. DAN says:

    Congratulations. I to have went back to school it is a long hard rode to go down but once you get their it feels good.

  7. BrandyT says:

    Thanks for the sweet words, S. :) We had a great time with you, T., and C., and can’t wait to see you guys after T.’s defense.

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