foto friday: the food we eat

the things we eat the things we eat

the things we eat the things we eat

This March, our family has renewed its vows to whole and healthy foods. I cannot even tell you how often in the past months we have had frozen pizza or Jimmy John’s for dinner. It’s all part of being a grad student and feeling stretched thin for time, but enough is enough. We’ve been starting to feel really grossed out by the unhealthy ways we’ve been approaching eating and decided it was time to recommit to a better diet.

Fresh greens, more veggies, more fruits, a more varied diet, and trying out new recipes have all been added on my to-do list. And so far it’s been a good month, it’s amazing how something as little as cooking a good meal can boost morale. Last year, we planted a garden in the Spring but this year, we’re opting out due to lack of time and travel plans. Instead, we’re exploring our CSA options and looking forward to Farmer’s Market trips by bike with the little one in her new trailer! CAN.NOT.WAIT.

What are your favorite healthy recipes? I made this with the kale and this with the chickpeas.

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6 Responses to foto friday: the food we eat

  1. Bobbie says:

    How did you like the kale recipe? I never know what to do with it! I’m a sucker for homemade hummus (although I’m probably going to break my blender making it one of these days!)

    Last night we had tofu sandwiches (bake a block of tofu for 20 minutes, then build your sandwich on ciabatta bread with balsamic vinegar, avocado, spinach, tofu, and provolone – yum!) We hadn’t had them since before I was pregnant because the one thing I couldn’t eat was avocado, so I was pretty excited!

    Fresh food is one of my favorite parts about spring and summer!

  2. Dave says:

    One great thing to do with kale just for a snack, is just lightly toss it in olive oil, salt it, and put it on a baking sheet in the oven. It crisps up and you get crunchy kale clusters. Super good.

    This is one of my favorite chickpea things of all time:

    And I already mentioned the Nicoise salad on Twitter :)

    Looking at the recipes you posted, I feel lucky, our big box supermarket a half mile from home has smoked salt (and about 5 other “specialty” varieties) :) They also have an entire aisle of beer, including a section of local ones, and a section of foreign ones. It’s a rough life in Portland, what can I say? :)

  3. andrea says:

    yay for healthy foods! the csa options are so plentiful in the midwest– i think its a wonderful option.

  4. aka jules says:

    I love to make a raw, vegan kale salad with:
    1 bunch kale – cut into bite size pieces with spines removed
    1/3 cup olive oil – (more or less)
    a few pinches kosher/sea salt – (more or less)
    1 or 2 avocado – chopped
    10 -12 cherry tomatoes – halved

    in a large bowl, massage kale with olive oil until it is broken down.
    add avos and tomatoes and salt, stir well.
    eat! yummy and so easy!!!!

  5. Bryna says:

    I sympathize. It’s tough to eat well in the winter when there’s a baby AND a dissertation! But yay to CSAs! I find they actually save us time because we don’t have to do extensive shopping trips anymore.

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