a verrry cold bike ride, and other recently enjoyed things

winter bike ride coffee and crepes

Happy Monday! How was your weekend? Our was very very cold. But despite the frigid temperatures, I actually got on my bike and rode to a coffee shop to meet up with some of my mom friends on Saturday. Our meetings are usually more of a spectacle, what with seven babies or so, but not this past weekend. We opted for a rare moms-only afternoon, left the babes at home with grandparents or significant others, and met up for some much enjoyed coffee, crepes, and conversation.

Seeing as how all of my trips these days involve the little one, it was a rare treat to find myself able to bike to the coffee shop, and no icy winds or below freezing temps could keep me from taking adventage of that. The sun was out and I relished that cold winter bike ride in a way that tells you just how exercise deprived I feel these days. And speaking of this, I’m embarrassed to note how out of breath I was by the time I got home. As in, I couldn’t stop wheezing for a while and T. started getting concerned. I’m pretty sure that the pregnant cyclist me could outpace the current me and then some. Oh well. It’s all part of the package, right?

And speaking of babies, excercise, and perspective, have you read this beautiful post by the always eloquent S. (yes, another S.!) on rockclimbing, old passions, and new parenthood?

I leave you with that link and some more snaps of recently enjoyed things as I gather my books and prepare for another week’s writing goals. Have a good and productive week yourself! ♥ S.

us planning

fresh ground coffee bike helmet for baby!

mama's view with stroller coffee

*yes, that’s a new bike helmet for baby! We’re not quite ready to take her out in the Burley yet but when the days warm up and she’s just a tab bit older, we’ll be all ready to go; baby bike helmet and everything :)

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8 Responses to a verrry cold bike ride, and other recently enjoyed things

  1. S. of Narrowly Tailored says:

    Thanks for the link love! I’m so glad you enjoyed that post!

    Well done you for cycling in that cold (be careful!). It can be so hard to get out and get a little baby free time now and then, but that’s important, too, and I’m glad you got a chance to get together with some other new moms in person. How’d the group form, out of curiosity?

    • simplybike says:

      S, our moms groups (although we do have some dads too) came out of the prenatal yoga class I took while pregnant. We all kept in touch and continued to meet up with our babes once we had them. We’ve since put together a google group, a list serv, and have picked up a ton of other new parents along the way. It’s a huuuge help to have the solidarity and feel like one’s not going at it alone, which you must know for sure. It also helps to find parents who seem to share one’s parenting philosophy, more or less, so that one can really bounce ideas of each other and feel like there is moral support.

      Hope you have that with your group of law student parents as well! Makes a huge difference, doens’t it?


  2. Julie says:

    I feel sorry for us having such cold weekends. :)

    I saw a gentleman with a small baby on the back of his bike this morning. Made me really happy for it can be done! And yes, baby boy had his helmet on.

  3. cb says:

    she is going to look so cute in her helmet! can’t wait for that post! we got on our bikes on friday and took a trip around golden gate park, it was really nice :)

    • simplybike says:

      I know, I can’t wait to put that helmet in action! :)

    • Paulo says:

      We did enjoy our trailer for the wind/weather pritocteon. I was always a bit envious of Family Rides and Tiny Helmet fairings/windshields for their front mount seat/child. If it was our first wee one, we would have gone for that. This year I am thinking about Pedal Powered Family’s DIY weather cover for our decking, but might get the trailer out for slippery days, if we venture out on bike at all. Sometimes we just decide not to go when the roads are iffy. While last winter was an exception, our winters are modest 30Fs to teens with several small snowfalls. Snow melt/turned ice on the shady side of hills is more of a problem. Leaves are also a problem right now.

  4. Peter says:

    Your square pictures are excellent and very stylish!

    Take care of your nice Pelikano (I like that pic most). In Switzerland they disappear from the shops now – and the new 2010-version is quite ugly indeed…

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