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Earlier this fall I wrote about my plan to continue getting out and spending time outdoors with C. even once it would get cold this winter. So far I’ve been keeping my promise and we’ve been enjoying lots and lots of outdoor time as a family or just me and C. and the pup. And so I wanted to write about the one item that I’ve come to love for being active and mobile with a baby: our Baby Björn carrier. This has easily been one of my favorite baby related purchases since I’ve been using it on a daily basis ever since C. grew big enough to fit in it (around 13 lbs).

Based on all the reactions from friends with children, it seems like most people either love the Baby Björn carrier or the Ergo carrier. I did some research on both when trying to decide which one to go with and here is why I chose the Baby Björn: this particular model – the Baby Björn Comfort Carrier - offers the best of both worlds. It has the dual option of facing your baby in or out (see photos below) and comes with the hip strap and the hiking backpack tstyle design that makes the Ergo so popular.

This is one of the newer models and a little pricer than the more basic models but I would say it’s well worth the cost. I have been using this carrier on a daily basis for the last two months and I cannot recommend it enough.

Holiday shopping with baby Cold winter walk

What I like most about it is that it allows C. to ride facing out and experience the sights and sounds of whereever we are in a much more direct way than from her carseat or from the stroller. We usually encounter lots of people who stop and stoop down to make eye contact with her, chatting with her, and giving her excellent socialization. I love that she get to see what I see just from a tiny bit lower.

The other thing we love about it is that it fits both T. and I comfortably. The straps adjust to fit either one of our proportions and does so easily and quickly.

And lastly, it’s so convenient because of its small footprint. While I love my BOB running stroller, it’s pretty massive as strollers go. And it’s not the most ideal mode of transportation for going shopping in small stores with tiny aisles nor is it the best solution for going on hiking trails in parks. The Baby Björn has been my favorite way of carrying C. while shopping, going to the library or coffee shops, taking her to the zoo, going on trail hikes, and for taking her and our dog on walks together. As much as I’ve tried to train Indie to walk along the stroller, she’s always pulling to get ahead of it or darting just in front of it (rather than walking nicely along side of it). Using the Baby Björn means less of me feeling frazzled while I try to push the stroller with one hand and control a restless dog on a leash with the other.

And as for making the Baby Björn winter friendly, we ordered the Baby Björn cover that you can see in the top photo of this post. It attaches to the carrier, providing extra warmth, coverage, and wind and snow protection. It basically creates a little cacoon for C. to nap in no matter how cold outside. And judging from the huge smile I get every time I start to fasten the carrier in place, I would say C. is pretty happy with it as well.

Babywearing at the zoo

Let's go on a hike

Happy baby

Are you still getting out with your kids this winter? If you have a baby, how are you staying active, warm, and comfortable with the little one in tow? What carriers have you tried and how did those fare in your experience? Chime in with your comments below!

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20 Responses to getting out this winter and baby bjorn carrier review

  1. Bryna says:

    That last picture is sooo cute! We spent many a happy winter day with H in our bjorn walking to and from our local coffee shop.

    We have both a bjorn and an ergo…and a deuter, and they’ve each been great at different stages. Babies sit a little different in the ergo, and it worked especially well for us when H was 8-10 mths. And we really recommend the Deuter carrier. It is AWESOME for when they’re 18 mths – took a 6 mile hike with it earlier this year; use it now at festivals. Expensive but worth it.

  2. simplybike says:

    Bryna – is the Deuter that hiking backpack carrier that sits high on your back that I’ve seen in some of your blog pics? Looks great, we were thinking that we would need to switch to something like that once C. is a little bigger!


  3. Jen says:

    The Bjorn is great but at 8 mo my son got too big for it. We use the Ergo now on the back…except I need my hubby there to help get him in it;).

  4. Nadine says:

    It’s a looong time ago now, but I loved my front pack (it was very basic, can’t even remember the brand). And I heavily relied on my backpack when my babies were older! I agree with everything you’ve said about smaller footprints and getting outside in winter . . :)

  5. She’s adorable. I always think the Baby Bjorns look super comfy (although I’ve yet to have a reason to use one). :) Happy holidays!

  6. Shalini says:

    Our bjorn was very well-used with both our boys. They didn’t make covers/blankets back then, so we used to tuck the baby into our winter coats as we walked, with just a little head popping out. Like a cute version of Alien. :)

  7. Anna says:

    We quickly replaced the Bjorn with the Ergo & found the Ergo much more comfortable (but we have big babies). I prefer the way the Ergo supports the baby too. Another plus for the Ergo is that I still use it occasionally for my 3 yr old on my back, although we also have a Macpac framed carrier for longer trips.

  8. Julia says:

    Am a huge Baby Bjorn fan. My son hated sitting in the stroller or not being held, so I practically wore the baby bjorn every single day, all day (both inside and outside the house) until my son turned 10 months and was too big. He started to walk around the same time anyway, so it worked out great. Love love love it. Will be using it again with my second one.

  9. Lena says:

    I thought the baby had to be higher on your torso than you wear her? For that reason I prefer a Moby wrap or the Ergo. But really any baby wearing is best to me because it give so much comfort to the baby and I think they experience more than in a stroller.

  10. morning c. says:

    We have also had adventures in babywearing. Our little one has been very aware from the beginning and loves to look around at the world. We try to head out almost every day, rain or shine. As a gray New England winter approaches, this has been more challenging on icy or very cold days. Finding the proper carrier does not seem to be so much of a challenge as finding warm enough layers for hands and feet for such a small one!

    She enjoyed the Moby Wrap for exactly one hour. We tried another sling a friend gave us, but it was also not comfortable for her. This might have been our fault for not spending more time figuring them out, but she has always liked to stretch out (as my liver will attest).

    Our go-to carrier is the Ergo. She was super tiny when she was born and the infant insert on the Ergo was the only carrier sized small enough for her first few weeks (starting at 7 lbs). We haven’t had much success with the Baby Bjorn yet. Since M. tries to stand anytime her feet feel solid underfooting, she regularly kicks down through the waistbelt on the Ergo. I don’t think that can be good for her legs, but she is fussier when I try to “properly” position her legs to straddle my stomach. I have a feeling that at almost 4 months, she wants to see the outside more.

    • Zakerria says:

      I think the dusk is really prttey!On a side note, i’m pregnant with my first little one, due the beginning of August. I really appreciate all your reviews and feedback on what has worked for you and what hasn’t! Thank you so much for taking the time to do that!!

  11. Janelle G says:

    *sigh* I wish I had more opportunity to get outside with my little one. By the time I get home with him from work it is near his bed time and also dark in the winter :( At least his daycare takes him out on stroller rides for fresh air!

    BTW I love you boots. Would you mind mentioning what type are they? I’m on the search for winter boots and am having a hard time finding any warm and cute ones.

  12. Miss Sarah says:

    Yay, baby mobility!

    I didn’t wear Dexter a whole lot… he didn’t like it – weird, huh? I think it was because it was summer and it was really HOT. He would always squirm and writhe in there. It was good for going to the dog park and stuff, but for a whole afternoon out on the train? I like the stroller:) I’m lazy about carrying a purse, and baby supplies, and groceries. I preferred the stroller for cargo and also for the wardrobe options! I really found that I couldn’t wear certain clothes with the carrier, just a t-shirt or a tank. Anything billowy or flowy and it would cinch and ride around the wrong way.

    We have the baby trekker and it is indeed great! But yeah, the stroller was just so natural for us. Maybe because my arms are short too, I found it hard to do stuff and reach around the baby all the time. I also didn’t like taking out the baby of the car or picking him up to get him loaded up, if he was already asleep.

    Dougal was definitely a challenge too. I took to tying him around my waist instead of using a hand to hold his leash. He is pretty tug-y too, and has at times gotten bumped by the stroller wheel. Oops. Live and learn, little terrier!

    Glad to see you guys are enjoying all your baby time! No matter how you end up getting out there, the most important thing is that a mama finds a way of getting out and about that works for her:) Lucky we have lots of options!

  13. Cosmo says:

    I love that you wear your baby. I have for my now 16 month old a mei tai, a woven wrap, a maya wrap and 2 peanut shell pouch slings one fleece and . I wore Miss A in the mei tai or wrap on the bike all the time until she was able to sit up well enough for our bobike mini. I wear her anytime I need to go someplace crowded. I wear her any time I need to hands like for walking the dog. I could never figure out how to do that with the stroller. I wear her around the house when I am cleaning and if I need to nurse while doing laundry it is possible with the carriers. I kept seeing your little one in the bjorn and wanting to send you a new carrier to save her hips and your back, but it is great to see you wearing her at all really.

    I think Miss A has only been in the stroller about 6 times and it is silly because we have 2. We tend to only find them practical for long periods of walking at places that are paved and fairly open like Disneyland and fairs and giant flea markets. Or if I am going to be walking over a mile in the neighborhood with both girls because Miss S likes to ride on the back when her 5 year old legs get tired. Though usually now the bike just makes more sense.

    I am wanting to get a Boba carrier or a Beco but since she is going to be 2 next summer she is going to not want to be worn nearly as much. Miss S stopped being worn somewhere between 18 months and 2. Though we still wore her occasionally. Miss A is more cuddly so I see her being worn a bit longer but not by much since she is trying to keep up with her big sister all the time. The Boba was awesome because I tried it out and could carry miss S when she was 4. Well the Hubby could. I did too, but she was really heavy for me. I could totally see that being useful for standing in a super long line at Disney with a preschooler.

  14. Janni says:

    Wir haben nur Erfahrungen mit dem DEUTER-Rucksack, können ihn aber uneingeschränkt empfehlen. Beide Kinder fanden das Herumgetragenwerden toll und für die Träger war es immer angenehm (siehe Besonders gut ist der Wetterschutz durch das aufsetzbare Dach, das gut vor Schnee, Regen und Sonne schützt.

    Allerdings sollten die Kinder mindestens ein halbes Jahr als sein, um gut (und auch lange) sitzen zu können.

    Grüße aus Berlin

  15. We have the Ergo, which is nice, but lately I’ve been wishing for something with a forward facing option. It wasn’t a big deal when he was a newborn and just sleeping in it all the time, but at almost 6 months, I, too, like the idea of him being able to see what’s going on and interact with the world more. At this point, I think we’ll just stick with what we have though. He’s already closing in on 20 pounds, which is pretty heavy for much carrying, so I don’t think it’s worth investing in something else.

    We do use the Ergo with him on our backs now, which really gives us a lot more freedom to move and get things done around the house, when that is the goal, and we have a back carrier with a frame for some hiking (yet to be used).

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  17. Jen says:

    I was literally going nuts thinking about how I was going to get anywhere around New York City with a newborn….especially because not all subway stations have elevators and most stores are tiny. I am beyond excited that I bought the baby bjorn and because of you discovered the winter cover for it so my little girl can stay nice and warm and mommy and baby can have a life outside of our apartment in the winter time!!!!
    - one happy momma

  18. Ula Nicely says:

    extraordinary posting

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