running with(out) baby

I’ve received several reader questions as well as questions from friends ‘in real life’ regarding my running after the pregnancy. Sadly, I give them all the same reply. Since having had C., I have run exactly two times. Sure, those times felt good and I managed to cover a full 3 miles each time, making me pretty satisfied with my fitness level post partum. But as you can see, the runs have been few and far between.

The reason for this has nothing to do with fitness level or my recovering body but everything to do with time and logistics. My days look like this: I’m home with C. all day while T. is at work, so I can’t go running then. Once he comes home, we eat dinner, it’s dark out, and I’m exhausted. Oh, and there’s the matter of needing to meet my daily writing goals once C. is down for the evening. I guess there are weekends, but those have been filled with family outings or relaxed mornings sitting around in pjs, taking a much needed break from our go-go-go schedules.

But I’m not at all worried about this because I have a secret weapon that I’m waiting to use: my amazing BOB running stroller. After a bunch of research and asking all our friends with babies, we have come to the conclusion that the BOB Revolution stroller is where it’s at. We love this stroller and use it all the time now for running errands or walks. But C. is still too little to ride in the actual stroller without the carseat adapter and her carseat. So I have decided to wait to run with her until she can actually fit in the stroller seat and has a bit more control over her head and neck.

BOB stroller
{the BOB Revolution stroller with carseat adapter}

I also have a running goal: run another half marathon next Spring. By that point, C. will be big enough to ‘run’ along with me in the stroller as my training buddy. I will be able to do my training runs with her and we’ll be able to run whenever the mood strikes us.

In the meantime, we go on daily (long) walks, practice some yoga, and I get the occasional bike ride in as well when it’s just me. If you had told me that this would be my fitness regiment back in my pre-baby days, I would have thought it very dissapointing. Running was my haven and my sanctuary. It kept me going through the stress of daily life. But these days, I feel content and active just hauling that cute little 14 lbs weight around all day, getting plently of walks in, and taking a more realistic approach to my schedule. Sure, I could probably push myself to get out the door in the evenings, when it’s cold and dark and I’m exhausted, but then running would no longer be a pleasure but a chore. So I’m waiting to reclaim the sport I love when I can do so with a huge smile on my face.


{Walks with C. in the Baby Bjorn and Indie leading the day}

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10 Responses to running with(out) baby

  1. S. of Narrowly Tailored says:

    Oh man… I’m in the same place, from the schedule to the stroller to the bear warm suit she’s wearing in that last photo! Between all of the logistical constraints, the impending winter weather, and a desire to be really gentle on my hip (I had surgery to remove a torn labrum fragment in Jan ’09), I’ve decided to hold off on running and focus on strength and cross training activities that I can do while M naps (a few workout dvds, yoga, the elliptical in our basement, putting my bike on the trainer…) until spring. It was a difficult decision at first… But then it wasn’t, and I feel really comfortable with where we are — I’m still able to build some postpartum fitness, and probably in a better long-run way (more balanced, etc), while accommodating the constraints of life as I’m currently living it!

  2. Hang in there! Once C. can ride in the Bob for runs, you’ll be able to run a lot! I counted down the days until both of mine were big enough to ride in the Bob for a run. When I was writing my dissertation, Benny and I would go on a run every day. Now Lila and I go whenever I’m home with her (but soon I’ll have to figure out what to do with Benny who has grown out of the Bob!). Single best baby thing we purchased.

  3. Shalini says:

    I’ve heard nothing but good things about the BOB too. (As an aside, it is nice to read someone who is inspiring and yet has not run out of the gate post-pregnancy and ran a marathon immediately. I could barely WALK for a month after my last labor! I think I started running around 6 months postpartum.)

  4. Sue says:

    You are taking the right approach and a positive one at that. A realistic schedule makes perfect sense. Enjoy these moments with baby C because before you know it they will be gone.

    • Heather says:

      I couldn’t resist adding my support of Sue’s comment. Listening to your baby and your body are the best things right now. There will always be time for marathon training in the future.

  5. Erin says:

    When you do start running with C in the BOB make sure any toys you give her to entertain her are baby ring chained to the carseat adapter! I learned that lesson my first time back running. My little C kept chucking her rattles and anything else she had out of the stroller. Lol! I had to keep stopping to retrieve her items! I didn’t make it very far that’s for sure. The baby rings came in handy big time, not just when running but for every day errands. The trick is making them long enough for her to reach but not so long they drag on the ground. :)

    As a side note: we never ended up using the tray for the BOB. We don’t have the kind of BOB that swings the tray open and it was always a hassle to try to get C in the stroller, esp when sleeping. Plus, she likes to see everything that is going on and the tray blocked her view. She did enjoy chewing on the carseat adapter and used it as a foot rest often! LOL!

  6. Louise says:

    You and C are both so naturally gorgeous and healthy looking :)
    That stroller sounds like an ingenious invention too!

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  8. C says:

    I just picked up running a few months ago. I have been following you since academichic. Now instead of reading up on fashion tutorials, I have become encouraged and motivated through your active lifestyle. I like working out in general, but with my first pregnancy and postpartum I totally stopped exercising. I want my next go round to be different. Thanks for the inspiration!

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