bike dating in november?

Birthday bike ride, Nov. 2010

Now that winter is approaching and temperatures are dropping, you might be tempted to put your bike away in storage until Spring arrives. I would have done the same before, but last November, I decided to try biking throughout the cold and embarked on my first winter on two wheels. I was inspired by the many bike bloggers out there who continue to enjoy riding their bikes even as the weather turns cold and by all the cyclists I saw biking year-round during my stays in Europe.

You can find all of my ‘winter cycling’ posts here (and also my ‘winter running’ posts here, if running is more your thing). It really just came down to dressing for the climate and, for me, to switching to my mountain bike once snow accumulated on the ground. The added width and traction on my mountain bike tires made it viable to keep cycling even on less than perfect days.

And winter cycling meant winter bike dates!

I had to twist T.’s arm a bit for this one, but last November, I requested that we celebrate my birthday by riding to my favorite restaurant on our bikes. Sure, it would have been much easier to just hop in the car and drive there, staying warm and comfortable along the way, but the evening became all the more memorable once we bundled up, rode side by side through the evening twilight, noses cold and runny but huge smiles on our faces, arriving at our destination oh-so-eager for a hot beverage and that shot of alcohol to warm us back up.

Birthday bike ride, Nov. 2010

I will always remember that birthday bike ride because we were so cold, but savored the dinner and drinks all the more for it. And because the journey of getting to our destination was just as much part of the fun as the dinner itself.

So if you’re still feeling adventurous and going on bike dates this winter, share your fun with the rest of us and send your bike date this way! Be a part of the Bike Date Series and inspire others to ride! Happy cycling! ♥

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8 Responses to bike dating in november?

  1. Dave says:

    We haven’t been dating much lately due to two teenage guests in the apartment, and subsequent financial constraints (long story) – but we did walk to a very nice breakfast this weekend. One of the best things I’ve found about not having a car, is that we now have built in time to just hang out and chat whenever we go anywhere together, which has been really, really nice. Rather than just getting there quickly (even if there is home), and then being distracted by other things. When going somewhere, there’s nothing to do but just be together.

    I’m looking forward to some good autumn/winter dates though, as there is plenty of stuff within walking/biking distance, including a cheap movie theater ($3 tickets) that serves pizza and beer you can take into the movie with you! Mmmmm.

    • Bridget says:

      Just tried BusMeister for the first time today. You guys have done a great job on developing a nice-looking, itniituve interface, and simulating the types of challenges that transit planners face. I wish all of our passengers could play the game and gain an appreciation for the competing goals and limitations that transit agencies must balance. I am interested to see where this project leads in terms of translating simulation into real-world improvements. Keep up the good work!

  2. Dave says:

    Also, I love T’s hat :)

  3. cb says:

    yay glad you are gonna bike through the winter! it is actually really fun, just go slow is what i learned and wear a helmut and wearing bright clothes helps too! we are gonna go on a bike date on friday maybe the last picnic of the season!

  4. Miss Sarah says:

    Awesome! We just biked last Friday for a double date:) Wait till I submit a post featuring snow and ice et all!

    Riding along a quiet snowy street (as long as it’s not oatmeal-snow and colder than -20C) is really lovely, actually.


  5. DM says:

    ah, this is where it is great to live in sunny northern CA! (well, we do have rain to contend with sometimes) Look for your next academic job out here ;) Either way, good luck with your winter exercising!

  6. LiamH says:

    What a lovely idea. Just remember to prepare your bike for winter cycling. You wouldn’t want to turn up to a date with a wet behind!

    Cycling is such a lovely way to get out and meet people.

    Can anyone share a bike date with you? What are your requirements to publish?

    • simplybike says:

      To submit a bike date, just send me an email with photos and details of what you did, where you went, in the style of the other bike dates featured here. You can contact me at simplybike at g mail. Looking forward to hearing from you if you have a bike date to share!


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