foto friday: this week in pictures

Mom & Baby Yoga

Crunchy Leaves

Coffee and work

{1. yoga with the little one, 2. crunchy leaves during my bike ride to the coffee shop, 3. and writing furiously to try to meet my chapter deadline at the end of this month}

Is it Friday already? This week has flown by. I have a wonderful bike date submission to share with you but it has to wait for next Thursday since I just couldn’t get the post together this week. It’s been go go go every day with little spare time. Every day after baby’s asleep, T. and I work like crazy to make progress on our dissertations. And when she naps during the day, I run around the house trying to get a load of laundry done or a dish put away. I got spoiled last week with my mom in town, now it’s back to just T. and I and our household of nuggets (baby, dog, cat…). But even though these are some of the busiest and craziest days I’ve had in my life, they are also some of the happiest.

C. has started rewarding us with big gummy smiles all the time now and just one look at her dimpled laugh and those big blue eyes does me in with happiness. I love my weekly mom group dates and love them even more when we spend them at the local cupcakerie. And amidst the chaos, there are also moments of quiet; my bike ride to the coffee shop, long daily walks with C. napping in the Baby Bjorn and Indie pulling on her leash, T. and I enjoying a late night dinner after baby’s asleep, candles lit on our coffee table and jazz playing in the background. And my most favorite: C. and I doing mom and baby yoga in the mornings after she’s woken up. I lay out the yoga mat and curl her up in my lap and we sit and talk about the kind of day we’d like to have. Then I lay her down and she watches and laughs as I do downward dog and cat/cow pose over her, taking lots of breaks to rub her belly and tickle her cheeks. It’s become a morning ritual as of this week and she’s finally big enough to have fun during yoga right along with me.

These are busy times but also really happy times. Hope your week was a good one as well. Namaste :)

♥ S.

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One Response to foto friday: this week in pictures

  1. Raena says:

    Although you lead a busy life you sound very content. Reading this made me happy.

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