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Today’s bike date comes from Bill and Christine, who live in Chicago, IL. Christine writes It’s Easy Being Vegan, a blog about living a healthy, sustainable and compassionate life.She recently committed to a car-free life after her car was totaled through no fault of her own. Although originally not too happy about the loss of her car, she now views it as a blessing in disguise and enjoys riding her bike, Zippy, to get from here to there.

Christine and Bill take us along on a recent bike date in Chicago, demonstrating how much fun car free dating can be. (Ok, the sailing doesn’t exactly hurt either)…

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My boyfriend, Bill, loves to sail. We sail on Lake Michigan almost every weekend in the summer. On the other hand, my bicycle brings me great joy and I long for weekend joyrides. I wanted to take us on a special date that would please us both. I packed us a picnic lunch then we hopped on our bikes and rode over to Chicago’s lakefront trail heading south to Montrose Harbor.

On the Southeast corner of the harbor sits a bird sanctuary. This would be our special destination before we sailed. First, we locked up our bikes where I spotted a black bike sporting a “Love Wins” sticker, then we headed to the boat for lunch. Boating is like camping on water. We eat a lot of meals here and I’ve grown accustomed to the tiny kitchen that boaters call a galley. Our vegan meal consisted of a creamy pasta salad and a kale salad with crackers. Bill is vegetarian but mostly eats vegan when I’m around. After lunch, we headed to the Montrose Point Bird Sanctuary (aka The Magic Hedge).


I ride the perimeter of the 15 acre sanctuary often on my morning bike rides but haven’t stopped to investigate until today. As soon as we walked inside the fence, the noise of the city began to soften. Directly in the middle of the sanctuary, the noise completely dissipates. Peace and quiet abound. We couldn’t hear a sound from the beachgoers or fisherman or the traffic from Lake Shore Drive. Not a peep.

Sign2 ThePathToSilence

ThepathWithBill flower




We explored the trails through the sanctuary where native plants grow to attract the more than 300 species of migratory birds that stop here to rest, eat and find shelter. According to the Chicago Park District, “The Magic Hedge” is an internationally recognized birding area. We were the only ones walking around the sanctuary until the end of our visit when we ran into a photographer who snapped a picture of the two us. It felt like we were all alone in the country—very far from noisy city life.
We entered on the west side of the sanctuary by the harbor and walked east, which brought us to the Lake Michigan shoreline. As we exited the tranquil and aptly name sanctuary, we were transported back to the city by the noise of the beachgoers and then headed back to the boat for a lovely afternoon sail.

LakefrontPath4 LakefrontPath1

BikesSecured TheMast





Thank you, Bill and Christine, for letting us tag along on your date! If you enjoyed Christine’s contribution to the series, make sure to stop by her blog, It’s easy being vegan, to say hello and read more about her healthy lifestyle in Chicago!

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6 Responses to christine & bill: biking and sailing in chicago

  1. Christine says:

    So fun! Thanks for letting me share my bike date.

  2. Sue says:

    These are lovely shots of Chicago. Biking and sailing and healthy meals – a wonderful lifestyle indeed.

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  4. lindy says:


    • Simran says:

      oh my goodness, you’ve done it again but yet again, even bteetr! this is amazing. i think my heart stopped a little when i scrolled down to the photograph that overlooks the water. can you imagine?! i am seriously day dreaming now. wow. thank you this just brightened my day :) xx

  5. Mohd says:

    Congratulations to CO and adios to ToM. Effective-supportive political lerehasdip (Ritter and Hickenlooper) spells success. Tourism and business will improve in Colorado while Missouri will still ask Show Me how it’s done .

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