foto friday: blast from the past

Raleigh bicycle poster 1932

Bike Posters

Peugeot-Poster-08 Peugeot-Poster-24

{sources: here, here, here, here, & here}

Part of owning vintage bicycles has been obsessing over vintage bicycle posters as well. Here are some of my favorites. Which one do you like most? ♥

Happy Weekend!

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10 Responses to foto friday: blast from the past

  1. Dave says:

    I think my favorites are the first Peugeot one, and the Raleigh one :)

  2. Wendi says:

    My favorite is the first Geugeot poster. I love that she is carrying a bike upstairs in heels.

  3. Michael says:

    Those are all pretty awesome.

  4. anniebikes says:

    I love old bike posters too. If I had to choose one it would be the first one because of the style of bike, the colors used in the advertising. The fenders and little satchel are cute.

  5. Sue says:

    I’ve always loved the Raleigh poster, to me it says so much: I am woman, I am feminine, I am strong, I’ve got places to go, this is my vehicle-so please get out of my way. And, it’s all done with a smile. The other posters; I’m not quite sure of the message they are trying to get across. They all seem to be struggling with something.

  6. Jen F says:

    I love that Raleigh poster! I also like the Peugot one on the left. I would take any of them if offered though. So fun!

  7. Biba says:

    Oh, the Raleigh one!

  8. Tough choice, they are all pretty cool. I love the women holding their bikes up over their heads as if they won a race of some sort. Hope both you and baby C are feeling well!

  9. Lissa says:

    Vintage bicycle stuff is wonderful — more than any other “trapping” of bike culture, that’s the stuff that makes me long for two wheels and a pair of pedals beneath my feet.

    If I had to pick a favorite, it would be the Deese version, but the last Peugeot is also my style — I have a few French art prints of animals that it would blend well with!

  10. Raquelita says:

    I’ve actually shown an image of that last one in my modern European survey class!

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