stylish cyclist: katelyn in fort collins

one less car

I recently received this reader email from Katelyn:

I have just sold my car to go car-free and have been trying to figure out how to dress while biking. Do I wear workout clothes all the time or actually wear my real clothes? I was so happy to see so many awesome tips about riding in everyday clothes on your blog. I am now inspired and riding in style.

I’m glad you found the site, Katelyn, and that I was able to inspire! I had those same questions when I decided to switch to cycling as a way of getting around town and to work. I wasn’t sure whether I could still stick to my style and my teaching wardrobe when using a bike to commute. But I gradually came to realize that almost anything found in my closet could double as cycling wear. Of course, some garments work better than others, especially given certain types of weather and temperatures. You can see my recent post on cycling in my work wear for tips related to cycling in the heat or in winter and for ideas on hairstyles that are helmet friendly.

You can also check out my ‘cycle chic‘ Flickr set, the Velocouture group on Flickr, the ‘Stylish Cycling‘ category on my blog, and my ‘cycle chic’ inspiration board on Pinterest for more tips and images related to cycling in everyday clothes.

Good luck with your cycling, Katelyn! You can see more photos of Katelyn’s cute commuter style (including some impressive pictures of her hauling her vintage bike upstairs –  in heels nonetheless! –  on her blog here.


one less car

{all images in this post c/o katelyn vonfeldt}

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4 Responses to stylish cyclist: katelyn in fort collins

  1. cb says:

    that is so awesome, way to go girl! she looks amazing too.

    • Yasser says:

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  2. Amanda says:

    Awesome! I love that skirt. Just starting grad school in a couple weeks and I’m looking forward to cycling to class in all my normal clothes :)

  3. Jack says:

    I’ve spent the summer happily catching sight of women riding in their skirts and summer dresses; the flow of the material only serves to accentuate the light and life projected by girls and women as they fill our lives, just by being who they are. Here, Katelyn shows us the bright, feminine light she brings to those around her through her selection of a pretty outfit -cute belted skirt, bright top, open wedges and an enchanting smile, framed with the light of the sun beaming through a stand of bright yellow flowers. It would have been something special to have been there to watch her ride by. Now it’s time for me to check out her blog – thanks, Katelyn and Simpy Bike.

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