two on tuesdays: taking dexter on a street car

Two on Tuesdays

Two On Tuesdays is a mini-series with the fabulous Miss Sarah of Girls and Bicycles and her adorable son Dexter. Miss Sarah will be checking in every Tuesday this summer with posts on cycling with Dexter and thoughts on retaining that mobile (cycling) lifestyle as a family. And we’re looking forward to hearing more tips and questions from you readers too! Take part in the conversation in the comments section or drop either one of us an email so we can share your own expertise and questions with everybody else in future posts.

Two on Tuesdays

We have been working so much on the landscape lately, there hasn’t been a lot of time for Don to go on family adventures with us. After wrapping up the other day, I suggested we do a quick ride to Old Strathcona and take Dexter on the Edmonton Radial Railway Society’s Hannover street car. I’ve been seeing the street car going north and south during my evening bike rides and though it would be fun to let Dexter see the city at dusk.

By the way, if you live in Edmonton you might want to consider getting a family membership to the ERRS. The whole family gets to affordably ride the street car all season long! Then Don won’t have to be the youngest member anymore.

I took a very Dottie-esque picture of Pashley after finding a pole to lock up to.

Reminder, I have to saw a few inches off my double kick stand.

Two on Tuesdays

We actually just missed the street car, so we went and got some snacks first.

Two on Tuesdays

Dexter had his first mini doughnuts.

Two on Tuesdays

And he wouldn’t give us back the lemonade either.

Two on Tuesdays

We watched a little busking.

Two on Tuesdays

We ran into Mike, who was caged inside the beer area.

Two on Tuesdays

Then we boarded the street car! Edmonton’s LRT cars are modeled after this one.

Two on Tuesdays

Little D refused to sit on anybody’s lap and wanted his own window seat.

Two on Tuesdays

He was mesmerized with the view of the river valley. The street car travels over the river on these tracks on top of the high level bridge. The bridge-view is my favourite part of my bike ride downtown and back, but being even higher is even better!

Two on Tuesdays

I asked Dexter to give mommy a kiss. You can tell I am way more into it than he is. Soon enough, there will be no public mommy kisses at all. Lame!

Two on Tuesdays

After paying his tithes in mommy-affection, Dexter went back to self-reflection.

Two on Tuesdays

It got darker.

Two on Tuesdays

Two on Tuesdays

During the Fringe Festival the ERRS runs two street cars instead of one. We stopped to say hello to Edmonton #33

Two on Tuesdays.

The operation and restoration of these beautiful street cars is all done by volunteers!

Two on Tuesdays

When we finished our trip, it was time to go home in the bucket. I always carry this little clip-on blinkie-reflector thing with me in my purse (I got it at some ecomobility swag table, somewhere). It’s really handy to add to my purse strap if I’m wearing it, or the strap of my dress for extra visibility.

And when we bike with little D, I clip it to the collar of his t-shirt or the hood of his jacket. I honestly don’t think most cars actually want to run people over. Usually they’re not looking for cyclists, so the more visible you can make yourself, the more likely they are to see you.

Now this doesn’t mean I think we all need to wear spandex with reflective bands all over it. Just normal stuff like lights, and practicing responsible cycling (following road rules, trying not to ride in a car’s blind spot).

Two on Tuesdays

One of the things I like about taking Dexter out for biking is he learns the rules of the road, and to be aware of his surroundings. I am hoping this early breeding of street smarts pays off in the future. He is learning that mommy and daddy signal a lot. And always shoulder check. And always slow down a little at intersections and look both ways. And ring their bells a lot so as to say, “Hello, I am over here, on a bike, with my kid!”

Transportation isn’t about existing in a metal shell, only listening to your music or DVD or whatever sounds are happening inside the car. It’s also about being aware of the other vehicles (motorized and otherwise) all around you. People always say they don’t like to bike because it’s not safe. This is probably the reason why most people don’t like to bike with small children, because the adults don’t even feel comfortable with it!

The important thing to remember is that it isn’t really about bike safety. It’s about transportation safety. Anybody who compares the stats on bike injuries and fatalities to car-related injuries and fatalities is going to see that cars are wicked-dangerous. Even when it’s car on car action, which is all too frequent.

So drive and ride responsibly, and we’ll all be better off.

And try to be zen. As a cyclist, I am proud to say that I don’t need to experience road rage or road-boredom all that much, which makes me a happier mommy.

Happy Mommy = Happy Baby.

Style over speed, my friends.

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  1. Janni says:

    Toll – Bilder aus einer Straßenbahn aus Hannover, die in Edmonton fährt. Sachen gibt’s….

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