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Two on Tuesdays

Two On Tuesdays is a mini-series with the fabulous Miss Sarah of Girls and Bicycles and her adorable son Dexter. Miss Sarah will be checking in every Tuesday this summer with posts on cycling with Dexter and thoughts on retaining that mobile (cycling) lifestyle as a family. And we’re looking forward to hearing more tips and questions from you readers too! Take part in the conversation in the comments section or drop either one of us an email so we can share your own expertise and questions with everybody else in future posts.


I haven’t been towing Dexter in the Chariot over the summer, mostly because the hitch is still attached to my winter bike and I’m not keen on riding with studs at the moment.

I know what you’re thinking. Why not just move it over? All my other bikes have chain guards, so I have to pop over to the store and get a little hitch adapter thingy before I can tow with the Amsterdam or Pashley. And I haven’t done that yet… because I sometimes procrastinate and I’m just using the bucket bike all the time.

Let us talk about the great thing about bike trailers! I used to think they were ugly and lame, but I have come to realize my misconceptions on this matter.

They’re not pretty or European. But they’re so handy and practical it really doesn’t matter at all!

For example, at the folk festival there are loads of families that bring trailers. They’re great little napping pods and you can throw lots of supplies into the pockets or hang things off of the handle.


And they fold down really nicely so you can store them, which is also handy for taking them in the car for road trips.


I have heard of people retrofitting their trailers to accommodate baby car seats. They’re low to the ground and have pretty robust wheels. It’s handy to be able to use the chariot as a stroller, so if your kid falls asleep you don’t have to wake them up to move them.

Chariots are all-weather! The kids can be covered up from rain, wind, and snow. Or if it’s nice out you just roll up the front flap and little kiddies can enjoy the fresh air.


Chariots are also good for people who run and jog.


I also like that you can use your pre-existing bike. No need to buy anything new except the trailer itself. Don and I bought an extra hitch so we each have a towing bike. I know some families where both parents ride the same towing bike.


Some people complain that trailers are too expensive, and it’s true that the fancy ones can be pricey. Sometimes you can find some used ones for less money if you’re savvy.

Another good idea is just using the Chariot as a stroller instead of having a separate stroller. They’re a little big, but not that much larger than other huge baby carts out on the market.


Chariots offer a good solution for a lot of families. And most importantly, more options for biking with kids means more time spent together as a family, enjoying the outdoors.

They’re sporty, but they work!

Do you use a bike trailer as a way to carry your kids around? What type of trailer do you use and what do you like or dislike about it? Add your comments and tips below!

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9 Responses to two on tuesdays: chariot bike trailer review

  1. Julie says:

    I want to find a used chariot to carry my dog. Because she’s my baby for now. And she really feels left out. I’m sure. ;)

  2. cb says:

    oh i didn’t know it folded! that is really nice and i like how sturdy the wheels look too. hmm will consider this one once we have a kiddo of our own ;)

    hope all is well sweetie. thinking of you and your new addition.

  3. Hannie says:

    Great to see a trailer that folds. We use a kidcar model ( that does not fold easy. But still we used it a lot with and without the bike. I really appreciated that I could use it as a stroller once I arrived at the market or city center. Our kid loves the space, he can take along al his stuffed animals ;-) We used it when our boy was 1 month ( old and still use it now two years later for longer distances and shopping excursions.

  4. Stacy says:

    We use a Yakama trailer and need to experiment with folding it down and converting it to a stroller because we think it might allow us to bike to the bus and add some versatility and distance to our car-free travel days. We have two children who don’t ride independent and two who do. The trailer served as our grocery hauler yesterday when I didn’t take out the little ones and it let’s my husband drag equipment to work.

    We are new to family biking and are trying to find our way. This site has served as a great resource. Thank you.

  5. Between the madsen and the chariot, which do you prefer?

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  7. I really love the pictures personally cause i see the family bonding they looked so very sweet.

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