welcome to our new sponsors!

You probably noticed that as of this month, Simply Bike has taken on sponsorship. I’m excited to be partnering with a number of companies that offer quality products for the cycling lifestyle. My goal on Simply Bike is to provide readers with information and resources on the subjects that bring you to the site in the first place: (stylish) cycling, running, yoga, and green living. By bringing together companies that support these endeavors, I hope to help both readers and worthy businesses connect and benefit from one another.

I’ve been hand selecting companies that fit with the Simply Bike ethos and I’m happy to instroduce and welcome our new sponsors to the site…

First up is Po Campo, a Chicago based company started by designers Emily and Maria, avid bike commuters in the Chicago area. I first started noticing the lovely ladies of Po Campo on Let’s Go Ride a Bike, where they’ve made appearances in a number of Women Who Bike posts. I then noticed their gorgeous bags and panniers that combine function (they are designed by bona fide cyclists after all) with form. And not only are their bags great for cycling, but they also easily transition to office purse, stroller bag, yoga satchel, and laptop carrier. I’m excited to be featuring Po Campo on the site as a resource for anyone interested in a versatile and stylish bike bag or pannier.


Next up we have Copenhagen Cyclery, also based in Chicago and offering a wide selection of gorgeous European city bikes. When I first started bike commuting, I wanted a bike that looked beautiful and came with the necessary accessories that would make riding to work enjoyable in all conditions: fenders to protect against the rain, racks to carry my bag, a step-through frame to allow for skirts and dresses, and a comfortable Brooks saddle. I wanted the kind of bike that I’d see on European bike blogs or on the streets of Germany and Austria (where I spent a total of three years during my college days). I found it disheartening how difficult these bikes were to obtain in the US. But Copenhagen Cyclery offers a number of these beauties by European makers such as Velorbis, Abici, and Batavus. If you’re looking for a Dutch bike in the US, check out Copenhagen Cyclery’s gorgeous selection.

I’m also excited to welcome PUBLIC bikes to the site. PUBLIC bikes is a San Francisco based company offering bikes modeled after the classic European city bike. They come in gorgeous colors (my favorite is the bold orange), with steel frames, comfortable commuter seats, fenders, rear racks, and a chain guard; everything needed to make city cycling easy and practical. If you’re looking for a beautiful and sturdy commuter bike that is also a little more budget friendly than an imported European bike, PUBLIC bikes is for you.

And last but not least, I’m thrilled to feature Road Holland cycling apparel. Road Holland specializes in cycling jerseys for men and women that are simple and elegant as well as high in quality. While I prefer to wear my every day clothes for short trips around town and for my commute to work, I do appreciate a quality bike jersey and bike shorts for long distance rides. Just like I don’t go running in my work clothes, I wouldn’t embark on a long-distance trail ride without the proper bike gear. Road Holland offers performance jerseys that are light-weight and moisture absorbing with the added bonus of looking stylish and understated (no loud logos or product placements on these garments!).

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2 Responses to welcome to our new sponsors!

  1. G.E. says:

    I am aware that this is going to sound a little nit picky (my apologies in advance), but I also know that it does matter to some shoppers/buyers, so I wanted to say that you mention that “PUBLIC bikes are made in San Francisco,” but they are actually made and assembled in Taiwan. Their HQ is in SF, and they are designed in California, but the bicycles are made overseas (as most bikes are anymore).

    Okay, that’s enough of that… but I did want to say that it’s exciting to see you’re new sponsorship! Best to you and your growing family. :o)

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