{bike basket} favorites for july 2011

If you’re located in the US, then you too witnessed some crazy temperature highs over the month of July. But that didn’t stop these cyclists from getting out there and getting on their bikes. Nor did it stop them from loading up their bike baskets and pedaling their belonging to their destination. Here are some favorite snaps from the Bike Basket Flickr pool for the month of July…

3rd weekly trip to the farmer's market

{3rd weekly trip to the farmer’s market by Mark Stosberg}

Mark‘s wife, here only 8 weeks after having a baby, hauled this impressive load from the farmer’s market home. (Thank you for the awesome inspiration!) Oh yeah, and she also hauled their adorable daughter along with her crate full of goodies.

Carrying Stuff
{Carrying stuff by poetas}

Dave carried 50 lbs (!!) of lime for his garden. And then 1.5 cubic feet of compost.

Mixte with Camera Bag, Pannier and Packages

{Mixte with Camera Bag, Pannier and Packages by Lovely Bicycle!}

Velouria loaded her bike up with her camera equipment among other things.

{Tuesday by Juleskills}

 Julie kept it sweet and simple with a hot pink bag to match her hot pink bike tires (and one hot pink handlebar grip? How cool is that!)

Sunflowers and Streetcar
{Sunflowers and Streetcar by Georgie_grrl}

And no matter what Georgette is carting in her bike basket, it’s always bound to look cheerful and bright with these perennials gracing the front.

What do you carry on your bike? Share the contents of your bike basket! Happy Cycling!

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2 Responses to {bike basket} favorites for july 2011

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  2. Laurie says:

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