join in on the LGRAB 2011 summer games!


Are you familiar with the Let’s Go Ride a Bike summer games? You probably already are, but if you’re wondering what I’m talking about, here’s a brief summary: The LGRAB summer games are organized by Dottie and Trisha of Let’s Go Ride a Bike as a way to encourage and motivate participation in a variety of bike-related activities. If you’re new to cycling, the games may be just what you need to inspire some ideas of what you can do with your bike. Or if you’re a seasoned cyclist, they may provide that needed push to abandon your routine and revisit something you maybe haven’t done in a while, like going on a group ride or exploring a new bike path where you live.

The idea is to complete at least 4 ‘events’ of the 10 listed and to share your experience with others following along via email or photo sharing in Flickr. You’re then eligible to win a host of awesome prizes as well as glory and fame for being a summer games finisher. :)

I loved the summer games last year as they really pushed me to move out of my comfort zone when I was still relatively new to cycling. They provided me with the necessary motivation to get on my bike and ride to a picnic destination or to pick up a bike related book and teach myself something new about biking.

Prague - Charles' Bridge

Prague on Two Wheels

They were also the impetus behind my idea to rent bikes while in Prague for my husband and I to tour the city that way (see #1 on the list). We had never been to Prague before, didn’t know what to expect, but decided to rent bikes for a tour of the city and it was one of the most wonderful and fun things we’ve done while on vacation together. Since I don’t know whether I’ll be able to participate in the games this time around (with labor and a newborn getting in the way and all…), I thought I would revisit my favorite of the summer games activities of last year – our bike ride through Prague – and write a more in-depth post on how to go about renting bikes and touring a city that way while on vacation. So stay tuned for that post soon.

Meanwhile, hop over to Let’s Go Ride a Bike and join in on the summer games fun!

Did you participate in last year’s Summer Games? What was your favorite event?

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  1. You look so adorable. Sending you best wishes and good vibes for a wonderful labor and delivery!

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