two on tuesdays: biking + local foods = a summer cookbook

Two on Tuesdays

Two On Tuesdays is a mini-series with the fabulous Miss Sarah of Girls and Bicycles and her adorable son Dexter. Miss Sarah will be checking in every Tuesday this summer with posts on cycling with Dexter and thoughts on retaining that mobile (cycling) lifestyle as a family. And we’re looking forward to hearing more tips and questions from you readers too! Take part in the conversation in the comments section or drop either one of us an email so we can share your own expertise and questions with everybody else in future posts.

Two on Tuesdays

One of the creative projects I am working on this summer is a cookbook with my friend Leanne!

Leanne is crazy over local food, and we’re both crazy about cycling and active transportation. AND we’re both women of leisure this summer. After chomping on salads a few weeks ago we devised a plan to merge our great loves – in a cookbook!

We’re planning on cycling to some local markets and grocers over the course of the summer, and making meals out of the exciting ingredients we find. The book will tell the story of our journey for ingredients via bike and then have all the recipes for our creations too, complete with pretty pictures.

The point of this project is to encourage or inspire others to seek out local food and businesses, wherever they are, and to promote access to good food via pedal power. None of the recipes will be overly fussy, and Leanne’s big thing is dispelling myths about cooking for yourself. It’s so satisfying to make some fresh and delicious yourself, and to share food with people you love.

SO. We rode over to the Italian Centre the other day.

Two on Tuesdays

Dexter likes to help!

Two on Tuesdays

I love the Italian Centre because you can find lots of unique items for a very good price. Their bakery has mountains of tasty treats and there’s always a tiramisu ready to take home. Their deli for meats and cheeses is the bomb. So much variety! And the rows of special fizzy drinks, oils, pasta, and vinegars? Fantastic.

Sometimes Dexter also creates extra work for mommy.

Two on Tuesdays

Fast forward to later that evening, and we’ve got BBQ pizza on the grill. Dough and sauces, all from scratch.

Two on Tuesdays

This pizza was my favourite of all 6 we made. Roasted zucchini, yellow bell pepper, mozza, provolone, basil pesto, parmigiano-reggiano, and truffle oil.

And notice the pizza cutter that is also The Enterprise?

Two on Tuesdays

Dave rolled by to help us consume our pizza.

Two on Tuesdays

I was a pizza fiend myself.

Two on Tuesdays

And here is Leanne, relaxing after much pizza and mega hot barbeque.

Two on Tuesdays

Since this is a post about riding with mama and Dexter, I’ll give another Miss Sarah mommy tip:

Stay Creative/Active.

Having kids around makes it difficult to lounge around and do things on your own timeline. Sometimes they’re game for anything and can go anywhere and will eat whatever you put in front of them. Other times everything is a big fuss or maybe they’re not sleeping well and you’re tired too. Regardless, scheduling little projects or things that are enjoyable for you is important!

Even an otherwise boring trip out for groceries can be turned into something creative and fun for you and your kid. Dexter, Leanne, and I were chatting the whole way over to the store. Once we were there Dexter was able to look at all these amazing ingredients and we would talk to him about all the different kinds of food. I think it’s important for kids to realize the things they eat don’t just come out of a box. Plus, Dexter will come to know that we make him yummy food because we love him and want to give him something healthy and tasty. Most of all, it’s something we can all share together because we care about each other.

Being creative and staying active is good for you (regardless of babies)! Giving your mind and body a chance to work out and have fun leaves you ready to face the daily grind. Happy mommy equals happy baby!

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5 Responses to two on tuesdays: biking + local foods = a summer cookbook

  1. Erin B says:

    Ahhh! I want that pizza cutter! — No, really…. Miss Sarah, can you source that? I can shop in Edmonton too!

  2. Alison says:

    Your pizza cutter is the coolest thing ever! I wonder if there are any sources in the U.S. for one of those?

  3. simplybike says:

    According to Miss Sarah, the Enterprise Pizza Cutter can be traced back to this source:

  4. Dottie says:

    Love this! That sounds like the most fun summer project ever. I would love to get my hands on your recipes. The pizza – mmmmmm.

    Also, I enjoy reading your mommy tips. Even though I don’t have any kids, it’s interesting to get a little more insight into what Dexter’s up to during these kinds of rides. Other than being super cute, of course. :)

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