over the weekend: getting crafty with trader joe’s bags

Envelopes made from Trader Joe's Bags

Earlier this year, I decided to stop supporting the ‘Hallmark’ industry as much as possible and to either make my own cards for friends and family or to purchase hand-made ones on Etsy or at our local shops. Besides having fun with making my own cards, I decided to also put some of those stock-piled Trader Joe’s bags we had to good use by repurposing them as envelopes.

I simply cut them up into several rectangular pieces. Then folded the ends over to meet and overlap. I then used double sided tape to seal the edges. I used crafting scissors to create the scalloped edge around the opening of the envelope and added embellishments with ink stamps.

{Bike stamp found at Blossom Stamps on Etsy, tree stamp from JoAnn Fabrics}

Remember how much fun it was to make cards for friends when you were younger? Do you still make cards or homemade gifts for your friends and family today?

Envelopes made from Trader Joe's Bags

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9 Responses to over the weekend: getting crafty with trader joe’s bags

  1. Kristina says:

    TRES CUTE! I love that idea! I need to find a bike stamp! over the weekend I was living at Michael s craft! I found supplies for decorating my bike basket and upgrading my fav sunhat :) Good to know the art of arts n crafts is still alive!

    theres pix on my blog: http://cruiserdolly.blogspot.com/

    hopr your weekend was great :D xo

  2. Sr. Helga says:

    I make them all the time. I am sometimes in awe of how many Christmas cards out there miss the message of Christmas and how expensive they are. So, I make mine with cardstock and stamps found at JoAnn’s, Michael’s, and my local flea market. I save, and I put a lot of love into it.

  3. Raquelita says:

    I almost always just send e-cards now because they are more environmentally friendly. This is a cute idea, though!

  4. aem2 says:

    I do this with magazine pages. I hit the jackpot last year when one of my magazines started taking “arty” shots of cookies, lamps, . You have to use stickers for the address and stamps, I discovered after some stamps fell off.

    • Eugeniusz says:

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  5. These are fantastic! You have inspired me to buy some buy some cute stamps at the crafty store. I used to make and send cards all the time, but now I usually just look for the least obnoxious card at the dollar store. Never again!

    PS – every time you post I expect to see a little baby waving hello. Soon! :)

  6. Dottie says:

    That’s such a cute and clever idea. I have a bike stamp and a camera stamp that I need to use more and something like this would be perfect. I am a sucker for beautiful hand-crafted cards from paper stores, but this is a more affordable alternative.

  7. Great ideas in the original post and also in the comments! I’ve stopped supporting Hallmark too, but mainly out of laziness :)

  8. Joy says:

    Great Idea and I’m all for wrestling Hallmarks grasp on the greeting cards marketplace. I’ve had no proble mmaking the cards but always struggled with a creative approach to the envelope. The use of the bag is fantastic – now where are my stamps?…..

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