introducing: two on tuesdays!

Cool Dude.
{image courtesy of Little Miss Sarah Chan}

No, I didn’t have my baby yet! This little cutie is Dexter and he belongs to Sarah and Don, who you probably already know from Sarah’s wonderful blog Girls and Bicycles. In preparation of my having my own little nugget soon, Sarah has kindly offered to provide me with some tips and thoughts on cycling with kids in tow.

A few email exchanges later and we decided that the tips should not stay confined to my inbox but rather be shared with you all in a series of guest posts. So that’s what we’re doing! Miss Sarah and I are collaborating on a summer-long mini series to discuss cycling with children.

The series will debut tomorrow! (So make sure to check back for the first post) And it will run on every Tuesday for the rest of the summer. Besides Sarah’s weekly posts on her bike adventures with Dexter, we’ll also open the forum up to you for any questions you may have on the topic and we’ll also look to compile a composite of resources (i.e, useful websites, blogs, etc) on cycling with children.

I’m so excited about this mini series and can’t wait to join the fun once C. is born and I return to cycling. I hope you’ll join me in welcoming Miss Sarah on the site tomorrow for the inaugural post of Two on Tuesdays: Dexter and Mama Cycling Together.

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3 Responses to introducing: two on tuesdays!

  1. Bex says:

    I’m looking forward to this series. I’m expecting to be joined by our little one in October, and I could really use some tips on how to bike with her!

  2. Erin says:

    Great timing! I am looking forward to getting back on my back on my bike (I’m six weeks postpartum this week!), and I can’t wait to share cycling with my little one. I want to learn about carriers.

  3. Janna says:

    Yay for biking with babies! I’ve been pulling my twins around in a trailer since their first birthday (they’re 3 now) and it’s so much fun (and a little not fun on the hills :)!

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