{wanderlust} let your feet carry you

Picnic for One

On my way home

Fall is coming

Orange and Plaid

Raindy day bike ride

Winter Runs with my Dog


at the dock

grocery shopping by bike

{A year of bike rides, walks, and runs}

Summer 2010-Summer 2011

If you like these pictures, you will love this Flickr group. Trust me.

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7 Responses to {wanderlust} let your feet carry you

  1. Raquelita says:

    I do love these pictures! I love that our feet take us so many places, and of course I adore how stylishly yours are attired!

  2. Rika Toll says:

    Such a cool post! Love it.
    Cheers from Darwin Australia

  3. Oh…the places you’ll go! So cute!

  4. Love love love the green/blue flats in the 7th photo down from the top. Mind sharing what brand and style they are?

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