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You might remember Russ and Laura from my post on Bike Touring: The Never Ending Bike Date. Well, they’re doing it again. In four days, Russ and Laura are embarking on another cross country adventure by bike AND train this time around. I really admire these two for what they’re doing; showing how life isn’t about the material things you accumulate but rather about the people and adventures you encounter. It’s about appreciating nature and the world around us by leaving a small carbon footprint while making a large social impact.

As gas prices are rising and our reliance on automobiles in this country is at an all time high, it’s good to see examples of travel and adventure using alternate modes of transport. Economically and ecologically friendlier means, that is. Russ and Laura reached out to Amtrak to partner with them for this journey but were refused. They’re raising funds from friends, family, and sympathetic readers to help make this trip possible. I don’t know the two and they didn’t ask me to post this, I’m just relaying the information to you because it’s a cause I see as worth supporting. If you want to help Laura and Russ on this journey, see here for all the ways that you can contribute (financially or otherwise).

And bookmark their blog, if you haven’t already done so, and follow along as they leave for their cross country adventure in less than a week. Russ is a photographer and always has the most beautiful images to capture the places they visit and I’m also a big fan of their videos. And both of them are wonderful writers who really know how to capture in words the things they encounter and wish to share with everyone reading along.

Good luck on your next big adventure, Laura and Russ! Happy Cycling!

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  1. Delia says:

    Last year I got my 8-year-old out on a chilly—but reeinshrfg—day, for some riding around our oversized driveway, with my goal being a trip to our local rail trail. My instructions were simple: just avoid the one spot with chunks of ice and water. Well, she promptly drove straight into it on our first lap, got wet, then mad, and called it a day. I’m not going biking in the winter again! I’m hoping for better luck this year!

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