spring time bike commute

Spring Time Flowers

Spring Time Flowers

Spring Time Flowers

Spring Time Flowers Spring Time Flowers

Spring Time Flowers

Last Friday’s bike ride home took twice as much time as usual as I couldn’t help but stop every few minutes to photograph the flowers and trees in bloom. Seemingly overnight, my daily commute route blossomed into this colorful wonderland, full of pinks, greens, yellows, and reds.

IMG_5815Spring Time Flowers

Spring Time Flowers Spring Time Flowers

bike basket and magnolia petals

This is my first Spring cycling on a regular basis and the season is quickly competing with Summer as my favorite time of year to commute. It’s probably the much longed for change from cold and dreary to colorful and alive that makes the beautiful weather and trees in bloom all the more poignant. Summer, coming after this beautiful season, will have to compete with some pretty amazing scenery, whereas Spring is easily outshining what seems like a long and painful Winter before it.

I live in a college town and now that the semester is over, students are leaving for the Summer and everything is slowing down. Less cars, less traffic, less people. But while campus feels like it’s hitting a Summer time slumber, the town’s trees and parks are just coming to life. It’s such a funny juxtaposition.

I’m looking forward to riding with less cars around and to enjoying the days by staying as much outdoors as possible. I’m starting the last trimester of my pregnancy and I plan on relaxing and relishing these last few months now that the academic year is over and I can work on getting our home ready for baby. And I want to write one more chapter of my dissertation before she’s born. So the next few months will be dictated by the rhythm of writing, riding, and waiting for our little girl to be born.

How are you experiencing Spring this year? ~ S.

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5 Responses to spring time bike commute

  1. anniebikes says:

    Spring is here too. I go gaga over the flowers also. I couldn’t help but notice your floral bike bike – so nice.

  2. Spring has finally arrived here in NY, and I’m enjoying these warm days with blue skies immensely. Your plan of riding, writing and resting sounds like a perfect way to get ready for your little one’s arrival!

  3. Miss Sarah says:

    Jealous! Our grass is green but the trees are still bare (excluding evergreens).

  4. Xander says:

    the magnolia trees are in bloom here and my little Lia has started to try and eat the flowers. She’s almost 1 now and soon will on the back of the bike. can’t wait for summer… Time to decorate the bike basket.

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