upcoming event: high trestle trail ride

{image c/o Iowa Natural Resources Foundation}

If you’re in the Iowa area, check out the grand opening celebration of the high trestle trail. Iowa has a wonderful trail system connecting many small towns and nature areas and it’s also a pretty flat state, which makes it great for biking. It boasts the largest and longest-running bike tour event: Ragbrai, in which T. and I participated for a day last year. Ragbrai was so much fun and we would have loved to partake in the week-long ride this year were it not for that minor detail of me having a baby (the week of Ragbrai, nonetheless). So no Ragbrai.

But we are excited to participate in a shorter bike ride on Sat., April 30th, for the grand opening of the high trestle trail and bridge. The trail connects five different counties and goes over one of the world’s largest trail bridges (pictured above). The bridge is half a mile long and over 13 stories high. There will also be music, festivities, and all kinds of events in the towns linked by the trail on the opening day.

If you’re a Midwestern readers with easy access to the Iowa/Des Moines area, this promises to be a lot of fun! So come out on Sat., April 30th – no registration required!

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  1. Gesiane says:

    I just organized a class cellad Bike 101 that is being offered here on Friday. I will be including this link on the invitations and resource page! Always a step ahead, thank you.

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