second trimester running: taking it easy

19 weeks: going for a run 19 weeks: going for a run

I’m now half way through this pregnancy. These pictures were taken last week, when I was 19 weeks along and taking adventage of an usually warm day to go for a run with Indie. It was an uneventful run – I went for about 30 minutes and had to stop for two brief walking breaks in between. This is a far cry from what my running was like a year ago today. Last Spring, I was training for two half marathons: the Vienna half and the Salzburg half. I ran them within 2 weeks of each other and I set a new PR for myself by finishing the Vienna half in 1 hour and 57 minutes, and then came in at 1 hour and 58 minutes in Salzburg. That means that I was running just under 9 minute miles for those half marathons. Compare that to my 12 (!!) minute/mile pace now. Yikes. As I was running through my neighborhood streets, I was actually thinking that I hoped my pregnant belly was visible so that passerby’ers and drivers could excuse my slow shuffle. I then came home and glimpsed at these pictures that T. snapped of us before we took off and thought, yup, it’s visible. I’m definitely a pregnant runner.

But that’s just it. It’s hard to be too down on my slow pace when I’m still able to get out there with Indie and do the thing we love. I am a pregnant runner. And that’s pretty cool. I decided to set a little goal for myself, something that I have been mulling over for some time. I have picked a 5K race coming up in May and I’m making it my goal to run it. This means that I need to up my distance from around 2.5 mile runs I do now to 3 mile runs. And that’s all I’m planning to do. I don’t care how slow I go or whether I come in last, I’m just excited to share my love of running with baby and to proudly cart my belly along for the 3 mile run along with all the other runners taking part in the event. T. will be running it with me but I won’t torture him by making him go my pace, he’s free to do the family name honor by running it at a decent speed :) Meanwhile, baby and I will take it easy, keep our heart rate low, and enjoy the fresh air and scenery doing something that brings momma great joy.


Also, should you be interested, I write about dressing my pregnant body and navigating pregnancy in academia here today. Happy Monday! ~ S.

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6 Responses to second trimester running: taking it easy

  1. You look adorable! Are people predicting the sex of baby S yet? And kudos to you on some wonderful goals!

  2. maria says:

    Keep it up as long as you can! I was still running at 42 weeks with my son…OK, it was more of a labored trot at that point, but I was moving. Of course much of my motivation was to get him out. Both my kids were 42 weekers – little buggers.

    My daughter was a little harder. She found a nice spot on my sciatic nerve around 24 weeks and just stayed there. As a result I had lots of back and hip pain and running really aggrivated it. I was able to walk some and did lots of yoga though.

    Being in shape makes labor soooo much easier. I truly believe I had short, easy, natural labors (I birthed at home) much in part due to staying very active during pregnancy.

  3. I’m impressed. I hope I can run when I am pregnant like that.

    When is the race compared to when your due date is?

    • simplybike says:

      Colleen, it will be in May and I’m due at the end of July, so in my 7th month. I’m not sure if it’s a realistic goal but I like having it nonetheless because it keeps me going and running/shuffling. :)

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