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Winter Bike Ride

Today is another cold but beautiful winter day here in my corner of the Midwest. It’s bright and sunny and the roads are cleared and ready to be ridden on. Despite the 28 F chill, a winter bike ride is just what I needed to get my lungs going and heart pumping this morning.

Nerp on a frozen bridge

Frozen stream

Nerp still needs those fenders put on but we were just so busy this weekend that we never got around to it. But with the roads dry and with almost no slush left, fenderless Nerp did just fine in getting me to my destination.

Historic Neighborhood in Winter

Historic Neighborhood in Winter

Historic Neighborhood in Winter

In fact, I was enjoying my winter bike ride so much that I decided to take an extra detour through the historic neighborhood downtown, enjoying the sun and the view of the beautiful old houses. Once my fingers and toes were decidedly numb, I parked Nerp outside my destination and entered the coffeehouse to warm up. Armed with a delicious chai latte, I can now sit and relax in the warmth of the coffee shop and tackle some of that syllabus writing on my agenda for this afternoon.

How is your Tuesday morning going? Enjoying any nice winter walks or bike rides yourself? Happy riding!

Hot Chai Latte

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16 Responses to cold ride * hot chai

  1. Dave says:

    The last few days in Portland have been in the mid-30′s and sunny (mid-20′s during my ride in the morning), and I’ve been savoring my rides to and from work – as tomorrow it’s supposed to warm up and start raining again. Oh well, can’t last forever :)

  2. Janni says:

    Ich werde neidisch – so schönes Winterwetter! Bei uns ist alles nur schmuddelgrau und durch das Tauwetter der letzten Tage matschig oder schon wieder vereist. :-(

    Was gibt es bei Euch für tolle Häuser – die sehen ja super-romantisch aus!

    Ach ja: Alles Gute für 2011; ich wünsche Dir viele schöne Stunden auf und mit dem Fahrrad! Und keine platten Reifen!

  3. Laurie says:

    Just wanted to say that I love your blog! My husband and I vowed this winter to do all of our workouts outside, so we ditched the gym memberships and have been walking in the snow and ice and totally loving it. We bought each other snowshoes for Christmas and are anxiously awaiting enough snow here in Michigan to try them out. The walks before work are exhilarating and so much nicer than a treadmill or indoor track. I am not quite brave enough (and the roads around us are not quite bike friendly enough) to try the winter biking, but I am so impressed with your reports that I may try it one of these days.

    • simplybike says:

      Thanks for your nice words about the site and welcome to the joys of outdoor exercise! I prefer it soo much more than indoor workouts, I love to keep running, walking, and – this winter – cycling outside. The fresh air and sun gives me such a boost. And I’m so jealous that you have snowshoes! How fun! I tried snowshoeing a few times and it’s always been so much fun, I’d love to get to do it on a regular basis. Hope you get enough snow for it soon!

  4. Julie says:

    It’s all dry but something disgusting happened last night in Central Park- Since it was so wet for so many days there area lot of horse droppings and it suddenly dried up and cars ran over it and now there is major horse-dropping dust flying up behind cars! I need a bandana to cover my mouth/face tonight.

    So Grody!

    There’s just a little bit of ice on the streets and I just coast slowly over it. The bumpy snow left over is really hard now so I’m being super careful not to run any over because I’m sure I could be thrown.

  5. maureen says:

    Looks like chai was the perfect accompaniment to a cold winter ride! Glad you enjoyed your ride!

  6. Oh it looks so beautiful! Our Australian winters can bring the bluest of blue skies too. But one day I will experience a real white winter and can’t wait to take photos of the blue sky with the white snow like you have. And the houses are gorgeous!

  7. Daniel says:

    ich lese diese seite schon seit einiger zeit fleißig mit…wirklich toll……..und ich finde die haeuser auch beeindruckend und wunderschoen
    ich wuensche euch einen guten start ins jahr 2011 und viele interessante betraege und vorallem unfallfreie fahrt ;)

  8. Niklas says:

    I love winter on the Gulf Coast. It’s been getting down into the 30s at night but then back up into the 50s and 60s during the day with minimal humidity. I wish my local coffee shop would serve Tazo chai like Starbucks. While I prefer to buy local it seems every small shop uses the Oregon chai and Starbucks has me addicted to Tazo!

  9. SM says:

    I love taking detours and riding though our historic district too. That’s a lovely house. The weather here in southern nh has been mild the last couple days; except for yesterday the winds were strong once again, which made it feel colder than the 30 degree temperatures we’ve been getting. I got in a few pleasant rides the last couple of days.

  10. adventure! says:

    We went from one type of winter to another here in Portland (OR), the rare “sunny, dry, but chilly and possibly windy” that happened the past few days to the “milder but damper” norm that we’re experiencing now. During the dry period (over New Years) my sweetie, myself, plus a bunch of other folks took a 20 mile bike trek to Stub Stewart State Park to stay in cabins. There was actually a little snow up there, since it’s at a higher elevation!

  11. Heather says:

    I’m lucky in that winter biking here is my favorite time to bike- I was a little leery of doing my first couple bike rides home in the dark, but no major problems so far. Winter in Houston is when the temp gets down to where I like for biking (50s-60s), but I’m not sure if I’ll be able to keep up a daily commute come summer.

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