treat yourself {to mini chocolate cookies}

tennis match

If you’ve done your riding for the day, then you should get a treat too. Bonus points for having incorporated another activity into the weekend. Tennis, swimming, running, playing, hiking, walking…all count.

I suggest putting on your favorite music and pulling out some yummy ingredients out of your cupboard. If you’re lacking inspiration, try out these mini chocolate cookies from one of my favorite recipe site: 101 cookbooks.

Follow directions, mix ingredients, wait while hovering over the sweet smelling oven, and then enjoy…

Then get on your bike and ride some more.

mini chocolate cookies
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5 Responses to treat yourself {to mini chocolate cookies}

  1. G.E. says:

    Very nice, and the cookies look yummy! I did a ride this weekend with a group called Venus de Miles who do fundraising for Greenhouse Scholars (which helps under resourced, high achieving students complete college). My normal rides are around town on my loop frame bicycle (these are still a bit longer, since I live about 7 miles from town), but I’ve started trying longer distances on a more touring-style bicycle. I’ve generally only gotten up to about 10-12 miles a ride, but I’m slowly building. The ride yesterday was 33 miles (I feel wimpy for some reason only doing the short ride, even though it was quite a bit for me), but I was definitely tired at the end and excited about getting to eat a chocolate cupcake as my reward!

    Thanks for sharing this recipe… I’ll have to give it a try, especially as things start to cool off and people seem to really be in the mood for those little warm treats.

    • Simply Bike says:

      G.E. – that sounds wonderful! What a great group with that fundraising goal. And it sounds like quite the respectable ride – 33 miles! I have been trying to find group rides where I live and haven’t had any luck yet, but I know there are some taking place. I just need to find info on where and when they meet. I wish we had a Venus de Miles around here :)

  2. S@sha says:

    101 Cookbooks is one of my favorite cooking blogs too. I really like her cookbook as well. Her TLT sandwich is one of the best sandwiches I’ve ever eaten, and I’m definitely not a vegetarian or a frequent eater of tempeh! And the amaretto spiked chocolate mousse? Crazy delicious and good for you. I haven’t tried the mini chocolate cookies but they sound good!

    • simplybike says:

      I love 101 Cookbooks! I would love to see her cookbook in paper copy, I’ve only ever gotten her recipes off her blog. I just tried out her zucchini bread recipe this past weekend and it turned out really well and her heavenly chocolate pie really is heavenly :)

    • mooie fietsen says:

      Chiming in with more 101-cookbooks praise. A lime-ginger-yogurt-tartlet Heidi once shared is one of the most delicious desserts. Plus there is just something so serene about the way her website looks and the way she writes.

      I choose cycling over driving when possible because I like being outdoors with the wind in my hair (or skimming my helmet, as the case may be), but as a big fan of dessert, I like that riding helps balance my love for yogurt tarts ;-).

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